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Day 2- Traveling

4:08:42 AM
They say the biggest part of life is enjoying the journey along the way. I have been in a holding pattern at Logan airport since last night. As we begun taxiing down the runway to take off, suddenly the plane came to a screeching halt. Moments later we were surrounded by emergency vehicles and the captain informed us that there had been a fire of some sorts. Apparently a mechanical issue caused an engine to overheat. We were grounded. As soon as it was safe we made our way to a gate, where we sat for 3 hours. Then finally we had to disembark and collect our luggage (a man had to jump the carousel to retrieve my suitcase, which in an odd happening had gotten stuck on top of the shelf above the belt). The plane was unable to fly. We were told to find a hotel and ElAl would reimburse us $250, however, no hotels in the area were close to that per night. So I spent the night....well, the 2 hours that remained of it...in the airport. It wasn't so bad.

So....I'm not even off the ground here yet, and it appears we are scheduled to depart at 8:55 tonight. But there is a reason for everything. I believe it was Yahweh's hand that protected us last night. That exposed the problem before we left and prevented the plane from taking off. And who knows but that there is someone I am meant to cross paths with today. I've been thinning sitting here of my purpose. And while I am not exactly thrilled about arriving in Israel a day late, I am not upset. I am more in anticipation of when I do finally get there. And I am ready for where this journey leads me. The people from HaYovel have been following the events and are prepared to adjust the pickup day and time however is needed, so everything will turn out ok. Everything is working out for my good and for His glory.

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